Android Background

I have been interested in the Android operating system for years. Here I will get out my history of my love for an operating system that I have grown up with.

Droid X

I started out with a Droid X back in 2011 and I was hooked. I would stay up all night changing themes, downloading apps, and reading up on all the new features. It was my first smartphone and I knew I would never go back to a dumb phone from that moment on. I rode that phone for my 2 year contract and had to go Nexus since it was such a huge deal that a Nexus device was coming to Verizon. I was overjoyed when I got the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It was a perfect phone when I first used it. I could finally root and ROM without bricking it (which I ended up doing to my DroidX).



I remember the salesman saying about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus,

“This phone is wicked fast.”

That phone got wicked slow and the battery life was wicked horrible. I found an extended battery which pretty much tripled the size of the phone. I had to use that to get through the day. But it was all worth it. I was cool with my overclocked CPU and automatic Titanium Backups.

My two year contract was ending and I got to where I hated the Galaxy Nexus. I had ran that thing through the mud and it was barely hanging on. Thanks to the advancements to Android the LG G3 caught my eye. I loved the design of the power and volume buttons on the back. This made and still makes perfect sense to me as a great place to have the buttons. It is so natural to press them and I have never accidentally clicked one of them as I have with side buttons. That is where I am at now. I still have the G3 and it is starting to show its age as well. I’m hoping for an awesome new Nexus device or maybe jumping back over to Samsung with the Note 7.